Places of Interest

Is this your first time come to Bali? or you have been come for several time? Whether you are a first timer or repeater already there are still a lot of place to discover in Bali. Below we write some general places of interest you can see while you are in Bali (some picture gallery for places of interest in Bali you can find it here).

Cultural Ceremonies Event

There are ceremonies being held everyday around the island. several common ceremonies we might seen on the tour is Temple ceremonies, wedding and cremations. on good time (according to Balinese Lunar Calender) we can see Balinese doing a offering parade on the street complete with their traditional Balinese dress. This is might be the best photograph chance for visitor.

Traditional Market

Although there are many mini modern store around Bali, Balinese markets is still exist up to this day. We can visit one of the traditional market on a tour, you can observe how the local people shop for their daily needs. A wide range of goods from cloth, sarong, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish and spices to everything their need are available for sale. further will have you try our local cake (most of them made from sticky rice with coconut and palm sugar).

Panoramic and Old Temple

There are temples in every corner in Bali, from the small temple in the house corner, family compound temple, village temples and the biggest one of Besakih Temple located on the slope of Mt. Agung at east of Bali. Many temples in Bali was build around 11th century once the Royal Kingdom in Bali was exist. Some of the most temple to be visit are; Tanah Lot temple, Ulun Danu Temple, Gunung Kawi Temple, Tirta Empul Temple, Besakih Temple (the biggest complext temple), Tirta Gangga and many more (for some temples picture go here).

Panoramic Nature view

Bali island is consist of Mountain area and flat land and it surround by beach. for instant you can see volcano crater view (in Kintamani area), rice terrace (Jatiluwih and most of middle area in Bali), craters lake (in Bedugul area and Kintamani) and Beach (white sandy beach in the southern area and black sandy beach on the norther area).

Water Falls

There are many waterfalls around Bali that you can visit during your tour, some of them will give you a chance to swim under it (for this you will need local guide). The most recommended to visit is Sambangan waterfall, Gitgit, Munduk and Tegenungan near Ubud.

Cultural Dances

The dance show are perform every night in Ubud and some village nearby. some popular dance to watch; Kecak dance, Barong dance, Legong Dance, Ramayana epic ballet dance and shadow pupet. (some sacred dance only perform in the temple on certain ceremony, please ask us if you like to attend it, we will be glad to find some information about it).

don’t forget to check our places of interest picture gallery here and make your list of places to visit. if you have more question about it please let us know here